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Woolworths Cricket Blast

Ages 4-6yrs old

Woolworth Cricket Blast 4-6yrs old is run on a Friday afternoon from 4pm to 5pm. It involves modified cricket skills and activities for the absolute beginner to cricket. It is the first step in the cricket pathway for our club and is a fantastic fun, safe and rewarding experience for our newest Valley family members.

All of the equipment plastic, with rubber balls - no pads or helmets, hard balls, no VDCC uniform.

Participants receive a pack from Cricket Australia delivered to their door once they register that comes with a shirt and choice of other items.

Friday's Term 4 and Term 1

Next Program is Term 1 2024 

Starting Feb 2nd 4pm and runs for 7 weeks at Valley DCC, Ashgrove Sports Ground, Yoku Road, Ashgrove

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